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From Something I'm Not: Chap 6
"I still can't believe you are going to do this." Kelly frowned from the wall in the gym. She watched as David forced himself to do push ups, preparing for his rematch with Nicholas. With each thrust to the floor, he groaned hard, trying not to give up on it.
He smiled as he counted. "282930." He hopped off of the floor, staring back over at her. She made no sudden movements, except for the turning of her head and laying it on her knees. She looked kind of down. He began to wonder, "Is it my fault?"
"I don't want you to get hurt." She said, her voice small and quiet. "What happens if you do get hurt this time?"
David walked over to her and kneeled down to her side, giving her a smile. She acted as if this thing was the end of the world. But then again, end of the world was much harder for an orphan; rather then a normal child and he knew that both of them weren't normal in that term.
"Did you see how easily he went down the last time?" he laughed under his breath. She smiled back at
:iconmasterofdream:masterofdream 1 13
No More
I feel like a fool,
All the lies I've been told,
The feeling of regret,
Never getting old.
Burning in the shadows,
Of your new love,
I'm never really there,
Anytime I'd shove.
You never really listened,
Told me I was wrong,
I think the anger took me hold,
That's why I wrote this song.
To force the proof of how I felt,
To be in control,
For this is what I tried to do,
Cause my mind is just too full
There were no more kisses,
No more hugs,
No more meaning in your love,
It was given to the next girl in line,
No affection,
No more trust
No more hoping that's a must,
You seem to make me feel so alone.
I'm dying on the outside in,
There is nothing to believe for,
There is no one there now,
I don't want this anymore,
Your telling me that you still care,
But where is all the truth there,
You have a heart but its not with me,
But where is there "I should believe".
I cannot trust you because I feel,
This really is a big deal,
I don't want you anymore,
Cause in our lives there is nothing for.
:iconmasterofdream:masterofdream 0 8
Envisioned Cover by masterofdream Envisioned Cover :iconmasterofdream:masterofdream 2 5 June Desktop by masterofdream June Desktop :iconmasterofdream:masterofdream 0 13
Not For The Better
It took me long enough,
To open up my eyes.
To the truth that was there before me,
The stuff no one could hide.
I guess I was just not right,
That I can now see,
But I don't care much anymore,
So I'll just take my leave.
I guess I was just nave,
To what was there before,
But now the feelings turned to dust,
They're not there anymore.
I don't know what happened to me,
I was going crazy,
I think I had changed inside,
But not for better.
I want to take all it back,
To keep you sheltered,
I think I had changed inside,
But not for better.
I just realized how I hurt you,
It was not my usual way,
I pretended to act like I'm not,
The game I do not play.
I seemed to change to you,
Not the girl you use to know,
The one who told you everything,
She was too caring so.
She made some wrong turns,
Took some nasty falls,
Only to end in pain,
Not what she wants at all.
I don't know what happened to me,
I was going crazy,
I think I had changed inside,
But not for better.
I want to take all it back,
:iconmasterofdream:masterofdream 0 8
You've seen me at most vulnerable,
You know everything.
Who I am and what I did,
Before I spread my wings.
My secrets that I never told,
Were yours to keep between.
My body is your landscape,
Or at least that's what it seems.
I took all my chances,
I gave you all my love,
I trusted you to be true so well,
'Cause you're precious from above.
I always felt exposed to you,
But I seemed to like it,
I'm not what I use to be,
Always so closed in.
I would take off all my clothes,
And show you what lies beneath,
This girl who's left to be alone,
But she will always be unsinned.
You seemed to know what's best for me,
How to raise me high,
So high that I don't remember pain,
Or the thoughts of how I lied.
As I lay upon your chest,
The feelings disappear.
My memory seems to be erased,
And wipe away the fears
When we were together,
I feel too aware.
That I feel so exposed to you,
Like my clothes were never there,
I always felt exposed to you,
But I seemed to like it,
I'm not what I use to be,
:iconmasterofdream:masterofdream 2 5
The Anger In Me by masterofdream The Anger In Me :iconmasterofdream:masterofdream 0 11 The Skylon Tower by masterofdream The Skylon Tower :iconmasterofdream:masterofdream 0 6 Lee by masterofdream Lee :iconmasterofdream:masterofdream 0 4 Collage ID by masterofdream Collage ID :iconmasterofdream:masterofdream 5 13 The Real Thing by masterofdream The Real Thing :iconmasterofdream:masterofdream 0 16
From Something I'm Not: Chap 5
"I guess this room is good enough for me." David sat onto his bed, unfamiliar to it. He hadn't really slept in a bed before. It was odd for him. He showed signs of nervousness, even though he was alone. Kelly was packing her stuff up to move in with him. He didn't want her to see him nervous. He wasn't that kind of guy. He was stronger then most people because he had been through so much. The days outside made him tougher. He knew it would work out. If one guy couldn't take him down, no one could.
Kelly walked in through the door, holding a bag. It seemed lightweight. She really did travel lightly. She laid her stuff down on the bed parallel from his, slowly turning to face him.
"Are you going to be alright staying here?" she jumped back onto her bed, and looked him straight in the eyes.
"Its all new to me." He ran his hand across the blankets of the bed. "I've never had the laps of luxury before so I don't exactly know how to be a common person."
"It'll take a while to get use to." Sh
:iconmasterofdream:masterofdream 0 5
From Something I'm Not: Chap 4
"Watch out!" Ulrich shouted to Mrs. Meyers as something threw itself at her, but she wasn't quick enough and was hit, throwing her backwards and hitting her head against the board. The students all began to panic, seeing that their teacher was now unconscious on the floor. They were now dodging things were being thrown across the room and lifting from on them and underneath them. Ulrich leapt over one of the desks and made his way over to Jeremie and Odd who were ducking away on the floor..
"Guys." He said, watching over the people that were behind them. "You guys have to get to the factory."
Odd looked at him with a puzzled stare. "And what are you going to do?"
"Simple, Odd." Jeremie began. "If one person doesn't stay here, Kelly will follow us and find out about Lyoko. Its another Taelia incident waiting to happen!"
"Agreed." Ulrich turned to look back at Kelly, who was almost panicking as she dodged a book that barely flew over her head. "And besides, someone needs to protect her."
:iconmasterofdream:masterofdream 0 21
Normal David Gecko Colored by masterofdream Normal David Gecko Colored :iconmasterofdream:masterofdream 1 4 Orphan David Gecko Colored by masterofdream Orphan David Gecko Colored :iconmasterofdream:masterofdream 5 6
From Something I'm Not: Chap 3
Kelly was released from the infirmary around 4 that afternoon. She still had to wear the bandage around her arm though. She slipped on her t-shirt and jacket, and left quickly, before she had another encounter with Sissi and her 2 idiots. She reentered the dorms and went up a few levels, before she was tapped on the back. She turned around with a gasp and tripped and fell backwards onto her hurt arm. She groaned as the pain stabbed her like a knife. She only then realized who scared her. Ulrich had also landed on the floor opposite of her.
"I'm sorry." He cried out, getting up and trying to help her up.
"Watch it!" she yelled as he began to hold onto her bad arm. "It still hurts."
Quickly, he lifted beneath her arms and lifted her up. She could still feel the almost numbing pain as he tried to help her with her bad arm. But the pain dimmed and she looked into his sorry eyes. She smiled which then made him smile and blush, but there wasn't much left as a flash of a bulb blinded them. Lo
:iconmasterofdream:masterofdream 1 12


Rock Lee by SnowSkadi Rock Lee :iconsnowskadi:SnowSkadi 2,459 263 Drawing Anime Faces Tutorial by Crysa Drawing Anime Faces Tutorial :iconcrysa:Crysa 56,951 8,708 MoreLikeBlue: Wallet by MrGobi MoreLikeBlue: Wallet :iconmrgobi:MrGobi 212 82 Ice Princess by Son-Neko Ice Princess :iconson-neko:Son-Neko 91 29 Code Lyoko Flash by Son-Neko Code Lyoko Flash :iconson-neko:Son-Neko 1,126 695 Never Forgotten... by captainashletART Never Forgotten... :iconcaptainashletart:captainashletART 277 248 KH2 : Never Forget by Yume-Rie KH2 : Never Forget :iconyume-rie:Yume-Rie 1,676 368 vivi thunderstrike by cybersharkx vivi thunderstrike :iconcybersharkx:cybersharkx 692 69 Sora by cherry-star Sora :iconcherry-star:cherry-star 261 96 New ID animation by TheGeckoNinja New ID animation :iconthegeckoninja:TheGeckoNinja 3 15 happy Bday masterofdream by TheGeckoNinja happy Bday masterofdream :iconthegeckoninja:TheGeckoNinja 1 12



Im Comin To Get You
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Yeah todays my bday. not as happy as i should be though. yesterday my dad found my oldest dog dead so my family was really depressed and we still are sad. Im startin to believe times a bitch. but anyways, im on a higher note today. yay!

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